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 Selling MKO items/Buying NETKO items

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PostSubject: Selling MKO items/Buying NETKO items   Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:49 pm

Selling Mastered KO items,


Shadow Set +3 Full set
Hero Int priest set
Some Int priest items...
Lycaon Hammer+10
Acro Titamium Shield+10
Acro Medieval Mace+10
Adamantium Force Breaker+10
Acro Titanium Mace+10
Some Warrior items...
Soul Axe
Hell Brealer+10
Darkness Spear+10
Hanguk Sword+10
Acro Spear+10
Acro Halberd+10
Spear of Murky Waters+10
Some BP items...
Tier Sword+10
Undefeatable Wirinom+10
Darkness Sword+10
ROF+5 x2
ME+5 x2
Mastered Accessories +3 Set 
4 class of Kuro Sets
many TP scrolls + Gold Bars
Buying NETKO items,
Account (ORC) come with Black Wing no need NPs
Some Warrior Weapons
Hell Beaker+10
Thanks and Best Regards.
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Selling MKO items/Buying NETKO items
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