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 Down-English Clan-Human Side

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PostSubject: Down-English Clan-Human Side   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:57 am

1nd : Nickname Clan is : Down
So i gonna explain here,
i recuiting , just rogue-priest or mage with geared , soon clan will be fun after i got alot people to join. but i cant take a WARRIOR , kinda hard wanna pk with warrior , my class is : rogue-sin-archer both i play
and yesterday i duo with MrHadez so if you are orc , you will see we always duo , and lets see what we can do. Cool
Basic requirements to join our clan:
1Must be an active
2: if 2 week you are offline we will kick you from clan
3:please care behaviour and dont to be idiots .
Lastly : we will do some farm (if need)

Leader : DeimosHero5
Assist :

If you interested to join , just PM ME in game - DeimosHero5
Welcome to Down Clan!
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Down-English Clan-Human Side
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