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 ENGLISH VERSION - Rules: Reporting a cheater

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PostSubject: ENGLISH VERSION - Rules: Reporting a cheater   Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:19 am

When reporting a cheater please use the form below:

Character name of the cheater:
Date and/or time the incident happend:
What did the cheater do:

Topic Title should be like so: "Cheater Report - "name of cheater" - "date"".

Cheater Report - GM_Elmoka - 07/12/2011
(Format is DD/MM/YYYY)

A SS (ScreenShot) can act as a big proof against a cheater but we prefer a little movie when the 'cheater' is violating the rule.

Now go to www.imageshack.us,
- Press Browse,
- Find your picture,
- Press Open,
- Press Start Upload,
The upload should not take more then 10 seconds or so(depending on image size and your upload connection).

After the upload is complete you will see many links to the picture.
Copy the first link, the one on the top(Direct link to image).

Now go to the NetKO Online Forum. Go to Cheater Reports and start New Topic - remember to use the above format when posting.

1. Original screenshots - edited SS's will not be taken into consideration.

2. If you cannot give strong proof of person cheating by just posting SS's, try to get him on tape. Fraps or another recorder would do.

3. False reporting will get you banned.

You can upload pictures on following sites:

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ENGLISH VERSION - Rules: Reporting a cheater
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